Friday, March 18, 2011

What the GREEN!

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and in my own way, I celebrated by playing in my GREEN PAINTS!! And I say that with aggression… The question is can you tell which one I use??

Personal favorite of my co-worker named JADE! LOL

When you line the bottles up, they look the same. Don’t Mess With OPI is from the Texas’s collections, you’ll need to apply three coats to get a bright because it’s a sorbet lacquer. The Jade is the New Black is from the Hong Kong Collection, and it’s a solid green that only needs two coats. In the spirits of St. Patty Day OPI  posted a picture of their suggested top green colors…

Gargantuan Green Grape, Green-wich Village, Don't Mess With Texas, Jade Is The New Black, & Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

I hate to admit I am missing one of them in my collection, so I guess it’s time to go and run to Ulta for Gargantuan Green Grape

Who The Shrek Are You
Shrek Collection 2010

Green-wich Village
Brights 2010
One of my first bottles of OPI

I want to do a blog for my followers that feature my followers. Please send me a twitpic of your favorite OPI lacquer so I can post a new blog!


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  1. Thanks Ms Media! That's your shout out lol!! I went with your suggestion of Jade is the New Black and I am happy with my color!!